Caring for
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Caring for what you care for

Worktables and sinks

Resistant material and sturdy construction
Built entirely of stainless steel, the whole structure as well as the working surfaces and shelves have been reinforced with seamless extra strong unions and omega supports. These worktables offer high resistance and durability, which makes them a perfect choice to endure fast paced gastronomical environments.

Noise cancelling surfaces
The Linx worktops incorporate a noise cancelling technology that avoids acoustic contamination in high performance environments.

Easy to clean
The round finishes of angles and unions prevent dust from settling and facilitate a deeper cleaning. Additionally, the furniture can be mounted on the wall with fixing pulleys making it easy to access and clean the floors without interference.

Wide range
Our worktables and sinks are available in several standard dimensions, and can be measure made to fit our clients facilities perfectly.