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Caring for what you care for


Serve over display for Pastry and Cafeteria

The new Ceos display range makes it easy to customize spaces of various dimensions with modular combinations of bar counters and display cabinets that merge perfectly with each other, creating harmonious furnishing and decoration solutions.

Due to its attractive design, it also works well as a stand alone display cabinet, highlighting any space.
Due to its extensive range, the Ceos line has a model that suits every HORECA need: refrigerated with or without compressor, ambient, with bain-marie for hot foods, as well as additional options meant for the exhibition of chocolates, bread and prepared foods among others.

Because of its low consumption ventilated refrigeration system, LED lighting, low emissivity side glasses that help prevent temperature loss, as well as the use of 40kg / m3 polyurethane insulation and expanded polystyrene, the Ceos display cabinet is a technologically advanced solution that responds to current market needs.