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Caring for what you care for

For over 30 years, FRIEMO has been our Brand.

And now it’s back!

Quality is the benchmark of the FRIEMO brand.

Service, innovation, modernity, and better solutions are the qualities of the FRIEMO Brand.

All to preserve and protect what is most important to you.

Day after day, supported by a network of suppliers and fitters of outstanding professionalism, we make it our mission to ensure our products’ quality, safety, and design so that you can always preserve and protect what is most important to you, without worries.

Yes, we are talking about our food, which besides being indispensable to our health, is always the basis of good times with family or friends.

It seems so natural that we don’t even realize the importance of the equipment in which the food, indispensable to our good way of life is produced, preserved, and displayed.

We bet on quality, knowing that it is impossible to ensure this desired and indispensable quality without conservation.

This is what we do.

The FRIEMO equipment is a manifesto of confidence and quality for the professionals of the food and restaurant sector!

Our Products

Display Cases and Counters
Refrigerated Equipment
Neutral Equipment


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